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Monday-Friday 10:00am-7:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm and Sunday 2:00pm-6:00pm

Frequently asked questions

Questions Answer(s)
1. How to Remove your Email Address?
2. How to get a copy of Register Online Confirmation page/form?
3. How to find a USA Track and Field Map for an event?
  • email the Race Director or
  • logon to to find it or
  • Register Online at and we send it to you, if the race director provided it.
4. How to get your course certified?
5. How to Plan for a Running Event?
6. How to Download a race form for an event?
  • email the Race Director or
  • Register Online at
    • Fill in the data and press the Continue button.
    • Print the Page and mail in the data
    • Look at the Race Director Section and click on the website address
7. To see if you or your team/group are registered
8. How to get a refund for an event?
  • No refunds for any event.
9. Register Online twice for the same event?
10. How to get my Award for an event?
  • All awards will be give out 30 minutes after or before the last runner cross the finish line.
    If you need your award before then, ask the race director to assist you.
  • We do not keep Awards at Strictly Running
11. How to get my Tshirt for an event?
  • Come to Packet Pick-up or the Event.
  • We do not keep Tshirts at Strictly Running
12. How to join a SR Training Group?
  • Register Online at
  • email us at Customer Service with your name and Training Group you want to join.
13. How to join a SC Running Club?
14. How to join Columbia,SC Wednesday Night Group Runs?
15. How to correct my points, data for Palmetto Grand Prix tour?
16. How to earn points for Palmetto Grand Prix tour?
17. Question(s) on Run the Races, Collect the Patches program
18. Question(s) on Pictures
  • All Pictures are Digital Download (Think green!)
    We do not print or ship any photo
  • email us at Photo Dept, with your name and etc.
19. Question(s) about Race Results