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Strictly Running Racing Team

Governor's Cup 1992 1st Place
      Mark Bedenbaugh, Rob Devlin, Guy Schultz

Reedy River Mens 1994 1st Place
      Eric Ashton, Mark Bedenbaugh, Selwyn Blake, Rob Devlin

Reedy River Mens 1997 1st Place
      Mark Cruz, Rob Devlin, Eric Roschick, James White

Atlanta Ekiden 1998 - 1st Place 2:15:58
      Rob Devlin, Mark Bedenbaugh, Rob Lee, Todd Lane, Eric Berry

Myrtle Beach Marathon Relay 1998 - 1st Place 2:20:05
      Irving Batten, Mark Bedenbaugh, Eric Berry, Chris Klaes, Lynn Rowland

Atlanta Ekiden 1999 - 1st Place 2:18:20
      Rob Devlin, Mark Bedenbaugh, Ben Hovis, Norm Ferris, Irving Batten, John Charlton

Myrtle Beach Marathon Relay 1999 - 1st Place 2:21:15
      Mark Bedenbaugh, Chris Klaes, Irving Batten, Mike Aiken, Rob Devlin

USA Track & Field Nationals 2000 - 11th Place       Chris Pluchos, Chad Newton, Rob Devlin, Bill Baldwin, John Charlton, Irving Batten, Matt Kenny

Myrtle Beach Marathon Relay 2001 - 1st Place (course record) 2:16:18       Rob Devlin, Mike Aiken, Irving Batten, John Charlton, Bill Baldwin

Carolina Marathon Relay 2001-first place MALE
      Team members-Daniel Huges, Stephen Kenny, Mike Aiken and Matt Kenney.

Carolina Marathon Relay 2001-first place FEMALE
      Team members-Kerry Robinson, Fe Atwater, Megan Fisher, Janice Addison, Amy Clements

African American Month Team Race 2002(Fort Jackson) first place
      Team members-Mike Hedgecock, Paul Drahmirecky, Fred Mullen and Rick Deshaw.

Myrtle Beach Relay-2002-First place MALE in 2.13:24(course record)
      Team members-Stephen Kenny, Bill Baldwin, Daniel Hughes, John Charlton, and Chad Newton.

Myrtle Beach Relay-2002-First place FEMALE (course record)
      Team members-Janice Addison, Megan Fisher, A. Charlton, and Terri Bradley

Myrtle Beach Relay 2005 1st Place Female(2:54:37)
      Janice Addison, Diane Ford, Ruth-Marie Millliman, Susan Rogers, Judy Walls

Myrtle Beach Relay 2006 1st Place Male(2:14:32)
      Bill Baldwin, Irv Batten, Daniel Hughes, Neil Mcdonaugh, OJ Striggles

Myrtle Beach Relay 2008 1st Place Female(2:56:32)
      Misty Davis, Shannon Iriel, Kenzie Lang, Marian Nanney, Shannon Pallardy

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