Take some time to get off the roads and allow your body to recover during a 50 minute all-levels yoga class designed to develop your flexibility, balance, and core strength. Whether your goal is to run further, set a PR, remain injury free, build strength, or simply find some peace amidst your hectic life,our classes taught by certified instructors can help you get there.

Yoga is a great way to allow your body and mind to recover from a long week of training. As always Yoga is for everyone, so even if you aren't a runner do not hesitate to join us.

Developing strength and flexibility during yoga, espeically in the quads, hamstrings, core, and hips, can help better running efficiency and prevnet injury.

Bring a mat (if you have one, we do have a few to lend out), a water bottle, and an open mind. Namaste

Thank you for joining us.

Upcoming Classes

Sunday at 2:45pm and every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm
2515 Devine Street, Columbia SC 29205
803 799 4786 * Get directions

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